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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alone ...

And today I'm working alone .. since Nining got stomachache ( plz don't blame me if i write it wrong :D ). Luckily, bosses are in Jakarta now. She's good in choosing the day to be sick ..
So, 10.15 a.m. now. I've translated news on KOMPAS, short one luckily. I've confirmed Mrs. Santy for the payment JNE Invoice. I've sent some documents to head office. And now I'm waiting for the office boy to buy some umbrellas and kitchen needs. It's rainy season now, and my office only has one umbrella, can you imagine, only one .. Yesterday, we had guest from Sumitomo Corp. Japan, Mr. Kato, he is a big boss there they say, so my boss, Fukumoto san and Matsue san, head office boss, took him to see the power plant complex. It was raining, so my boss got panic, coz he had to take a big boss for a site tour while it was raining and only 1 umbrella available (but he is always panic I think, ask everybody else in here ..). Though my office boy then able to borrow 2 umbrellas from the partner company here, and Nining called him to tell him we got 2 umbrellas, he refused to wait, hahaa .. So, it wasn't our mistake then when finally that 3 bosses came back with dirty clothes :D . Don't worry boss, I've asked the office boy to buy 8 umbrellas today, so you don't need to get wet anymore. I mean by the rain water. Don't get me wrong :D .
Oh, I have to finish typing. Nature calls, so excuse me plz ...
(today in english, coz I want you to be able to read it .. yup, you :) ... )


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